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Mutualink to Demonstrate Worldwide Realtime Communications and Collaboration at Premier National Homeland Defense Security Event

Wallingford, CT — US, U.K. and Canadian Special Forces raid an insurgent hide-out in Afghanistan and uncover critical information about a terrorist plot that may unfold in a major US city.  With field radios in hand, special operators some 9,000 miles away in a distant land instantly communicate with key local law enforcement and counter terrorism task force commanders in the US and send real-time video, photos and documents from the field to foil the plot.  In the next instant, officers in the field across federal, state and local agencies are connected and fed key intelligence to coordinate and thwart an attack.  With the help of Mutualink’s innovative technology, this scenario together with other major emergency scenarios will be played out in real-time with war fighters and homeland and public safety security personnel at the 2011 Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration ("CWID").

CWID is a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-directed annual event that engages cutting-edge information technology, focusing on operational shortfalls identified by combatant commanders and government agencies. Mutualink, headquartered in Connecticut, the developer of a ground breaking real-time interoperable communications and multimedia collaboration platform that enables first responder agencies, military agencies and critical infrastructure assets to seamlessly communicate and collaborate, will be a featured technology at CWID.  An invitation only event for best of breed technologies, Mutualink’s participation in CWID is sponsored by NATO Special Operations Forces (NATO SOF).  Mutualink’s sponsorship was driven by several successful live operational trials in the Afghanistan Theater where Mutualink rapidly established advanced real-time command and control capabilities across joint command elements and across multiple task forces that use disparate field and command communications assets.  With Mutualink, warfighters in the field were able to communicate directly with NATO Headquarters, along with regional and area commands while executing missions and sharing operational plans, intelligence data and live surveillance feeds in mission settings.

In addition to its proven success in the military space, Mutualink is also enjoying success among a growing list of domestic homeland security and emergency responder agencies.  Leveraging its extensive deployments at home, including deployments with first responder, emergency management and critical infrastructure entities in New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts, Mutualink will also involve several public safety and critical infrastructure partners as role players in various CWID scenarios, further demonstrating the ability to bring together Homeland Defense and Homeland Security agencies anywhere in the world in an instant, enabling a new level of never before seen real time collaboration capabilities.

Participation in CWID is subject to sponsorship and approval based on a technology’s ability to address a new information sharing capability or ability to improve an existing capability. The demonstrations, which take place in various locations worldwide, focus on technology discovery, risk reduction, and coalition interoperability. Technologies are assessed using real-world inspired warfighter, Homeland Security/Homeland Defense and emergency responder scenarios. During demonstrations, technologies may receive three types of assessments which include User Utility, Interoperability and Information Assurance. Assessment results are captured in CWID’s annual final report which provides the defense, federal and state acquisition communities with actionable decision-quality data. The final report publishes annually by November.

According to Colin McWay, President of Mutualink, CWID is a premier venue to demonstrate that it is possible for military, first responder and other public and private sector agencies irrespective of boundaries to coordinate and collaborate in real time in a scalable, all hazards, all disciplines manner.  "When it comes to emergencies, Mutualink enables a world without borders, and as demonstrated in the recent Japan disaster, a key component of resiliency is the ability for critical partners across all sectors to work together in synchronization".

"CWID is comprised of Homeland Security and Homeland Defense leaders who will help shape the future landscape of technologies and solutions that will make our country safer, and we are glad to be considered a critical component of an improved forward leaning preparedness and response capability," said McWay.

Mutualink will be demonstrated at numerous CWID and participating partner sites, including the NORTHCOM Command Center, Peterson Air Force Base, CO; Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) San Diego, CA; Hanscom Air Force Base, Lexington, MA; Boston Police Department Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC), Boston, MA; US Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), Suffolk, VA; New Jersey Institute of Technology, Business Emergency Operations Center  (BEOC), Newark, NJ; NATO Special Operations Forces Headquarters (NSHQ); Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe (SHAPE), Belgium; and NATO SOF, Kabul, Afghanistan; and Canadian Defence Forces, Shirleys Bay, Canada.

"Once people see live video, voice and data communications coming directly out of the field in Afghanistan and partner agencies throughout the US collaborating in real-time in a flexible and dynamic way, it’s going to turn some heads. CWID is a national forum and Mutualink's capabilities will undoubtedly introduce many to the reality that it is possible to not only solve persisting interoperability challenges in a more ubiquitous and meaningful manner, but also greatly enhance scalable cross agency collaboration, shared situational awareness and an agile coordinated response capability through the added dimensionality of ad-hoc multimedia based information sharing.   The best news of all is that it’s affordable and can be accomplished for pennies on a dollar compared to high cost, new infrastructure driven solutions promoted at the expense of continued delays and budgetary challenges," opined McWay.

Demonstrations of Mutualink are open to the public by invitation at all US facilities on June 15th and 16th, 2011.  Interested parties are invited to contact Mutualink to learn more and arrange for site visits during public viewing.

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