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Mutualink Impresses at Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration

Suffolk, VA - Mutualink announced the successful completion of demonstrations of its ground breaking interoperable communications and information sharing solution at the 2011 Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (“CWID”). Mutualink performed at an exceptional level on over 1,200 evaluated events, and was highlighted throughout the event as one of the leading technologies. Final official evaluations with be released in approximately 5 weeks.

CWID is a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff directed annual event that engages cutting-edge information technology, focusing on operational shortfalls identified by combatant commanders and government agencies. Mutualink, headquartered in Connecticut, demonstrated its ground breaking real-time interoperable communications and multimedia collaboration platform that enables first responder agencies, military agencies and critical infrastructure assets to seamlessly communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere in real-time. Warfighters from U.S military services utilized Mutualink in numerous homeland defense and homeland security scenarios ranging from natural disasters to terrorist attacks.

Among the sharing capabilities trialed, Mutualink demonstrated effective C2 on the Move (C2OTM) capabilities bridging both diverse voice communications platforms such as: public safety and military LMR systems; public switched telephone through landline, satellite and cell phone networks; VOIP phone call managers; data files as well as sharing streaming full motion video in real-time on a global, ad-hoc basis over any type of IP enabled communications available, including terrestrial, wireless 3G/4G and satellite connections.

Mutualink successfully demonstrated full interoperable communications between civilian and military radio assets, satellite communications, cellular and VOIP communications among points ranging from Afghanistan to Canada and US military and public safety entities throughout the United States. Mutualink’s sponsorship was driven by several successful live operational trials in the Afghanistan Theater where Mutualink rapidly established advanced real-time command and control capabilities across joint command elements and across multiple task forces that use disparate field and command communications assets. Mutualink also demonstrated the ability to seamlessly bridge and share disparate ISR assets among coalition partners and other entities on a sovereign controlled and secure basis, providing new levels of agility in real-time coordination and collaboration. Mutualink’s effectiveness was also established with new warfighters achieving operational competency with less than 10 minutes of training.

“With Mutualink, information and communications are not only brought to the tactical edge, but it also provides incredible reach back capabilities for C2 at all echelons and perhaps, equally importantly, it provides seamless horizontal communication and collaboration with coalition partners. Best of all, it achieves unparalleled interoperability among partners while preserving sovereign control and security for each partner. We experienced an incredible success at CWID and the event is a valuable venue that allows cutting edge technologies to be observed by our defense and civilian leadership. The distinguished guests who viewed Mutualink in action were supremely impressed and instantly recognized its potential in filling current capability needs as well as providing future net centric intelligence and information and collaboration capabilities”, said Colin McWay, President of Mutualink.

Sponsored by NATO Special Forces Headquarters (NSHQ), Mutualink was previously successfully deployed and evaluated in theater through a special Department of Defense program designed to identify rapidly deployable technologies. Based upon the success of the evaluations, NATO Special Operations Forces recommended and sponsored Mutualink for CWID. CWID 2011 was concluded on June 16, 2011 after two weeks of intense real world scenarios being played out across the world. Sites participating in CWID and evaluating Mutualink included NORTHCOM Command Center, Peterson Air Force Base, CO; Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) San Diego, CA; Hanscom Air Force Base, Lexington, MA; Boston Police Department Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC), Boston, MA.; US Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM), Suffolk, VA.; New Jersey Institute of Technology, Business Emergency Center (BEOC), New Jersey; NATO Special Operations Forces Headquarters (NSHQ), Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe (SHAPE), Belgium; NATO SOF, Kabul, Afghanistan; and Canadian Defence Forces, Shirleys Bay, Canada.

“We would like to thank the men and woman of the armed forces and public safety agencies that participated in CWID and worked with Mutualink. These personnel are exceptionally dedicated individuals to whom we are most grateful. We also salute the USJFCOM CWID leadership and personnel who made this event possible. The organizational support and resources were world class in every way. These demonstrations offer a valuable venue within which advanced capabilities can be identified and evaluated with the purpose of providing our country and our allies with ongoing strategic and tactical dominance in a dangerous world,” said McWay.


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