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Mutualink and James Lee Witt Associates Offer to SAA’s Low Cost/Easy to Use Interoperability Program for BIDP

Washington, D.C. and Wallingford, CT - Mutualink Inc., a leading provider of multimedia communications interoperability solutions for first responder agencies and critical infrastructure, and James Lee Witt Associates, experts in public safety and crisis management, have announced a new low cost, full service solution for Federal, State and Local agencies seeking to implement border interoperability. The solution joins Mutualink’s multimedia interoperable communications platform with James Lee Witt Associate’s expertise in public safety, crisis management, homeland security planning, governance, and exercise management and evaluation, to provide agencies with the planning, procedures, policies, analytical tools and technology to implement an effective border interoperability solution.

As part of the new offering, Mutualink and James Lee Witt Associates have sent formal informational letters to the 17 State Administrative Agencies (SAAs) that are eligible to submit proposals under a new Border Interoperability Demonstration Project (BIDP) established by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office of Emergency Communications (OEC.  Along with Border States, local and tribal governments and emergency responder agencies are eligible as sub-recipients for BIDP funding.  The BIDP will fund on a competitive award basis six pilot projects of up to $4 million each.  The deadline for submission of proposed border interoperability projects is April 26, 2010.

A key aspect of the new border interoperability solution is Mutualink’s peer based interoperability platform.  Mutualink enables multi-agency communications and information sharing between disparate radios, telephone, cellular, push-to-talk cellular devices as well as real time streaming video and data.  Mutualink is unique in its ability to provide each agency with true control to share its communications and information assets on an ad-hoc, discretionary basis. This unique foundational design reserves the jurisdictional sovereignty and control of communication assets with each agency, which is critical in international border applications.

According to Barry Scanlon, President, James Lee Witt Associates, "The Mutualink/James Lee Witt partnership is an unprecedented approach to providing a truly innovative and effective solution to border interoperability. It brings together best practice planning, procedural and evaluative tools built upon a viable day-to-day interoperable communications framework that has the requisite dynamic flexibility, ease of use, and discretionary control features to enable day to day scalable all hazards and all disciplines use."

The Mutualink/Witt Associates solution was created in response to OEC’s Border Interoperability Demonstration Project-# DHS-10-PD-120-001 (BIDP) solicitation.  The BIDP was established to help states and localities explore innovative and effective models of interoperable emergency communications systems and approaches that seek to improve emergency communications along and across U.S. international borders.

Mark Hatten, Chief Executive Officer of Mutualink said, "James Lee Witt and his team of experts bring a wealth of real experience and expertise that has been applied in many communities throughout the US and world. They offer the right tools, insights and necessary advice to assist local professionals to shape world class governance, operational procedures and ongoing evaluation methodologies enabling the implementation of an optimized cross boarder interoperability capability."


About Mutualink, Inc.

Mutualink is an IP based multimedia interoperable communications company that enables radio, telephone, video and data to be shared on a real time, dynamic incident basis. Mutualink has gained rapid acceptance because of its ease of use, ease of deployment, low cost and full featured capabilities. Mutualink enables communities to create a large scale, real time interoperable emergency communications networks at a reasonable cost while getting best of breed features and capabilities. Mutualink was recently deployed by a consortium of 21 hospitals and health facilities in northern New Jersey as part of its all hazards preparedness initiative connecting them to OEMs and to numerous first responders as well as other community assets such as malls and a local stadium. Additionally, five key law enforcement agencies, including the Pentagon Force Protection Agency utilized Mutualink’s platform during the Presidential inauguration, providing the agencies with seamless communications interoperability and real time video surveillance sharing during the event.


About James Lee Witt Associates

Founded in 2001, James Lee Witt Associates (Witt Associates), a part of GlobalOptions Group, is a public safety and crisis management consulting firm based in Washington, D.C., with offices located throughout the country.  Witt Associates has unrivaled experience and hands-on knowledge of emergency preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.  Witt Associates bridges government agencies and non-profits with industry and constituents, and assists state and local governments to prepare for and recover from disasters and crisis.


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