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Multimedia Interoperable Communications Deployed On Jersey City’s New State-Of-The-Art River Operations Vessel

Jersey City, NJ - For the first time, a public safety emergency response marine vessel has been outfitted with an advanced multimedia interoperable emergency communications platform enabling seamless communications, and video and information sharing among agencies both in the water and on the ground. The system, developed by Mutualink, allows real time coordination during incident response by enabling communications between incompatible two way and push to talk radios, telephone PBX systems, and mobile telephones, along with the ability to share and view live feeds from video camera networks traditionally not accessible by remote parties. Following 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, attaining interoperability between technologies that are normally incompatible with each other to improve response has been a federal priority.

P.O. Marc Anthony DiNardo

The state-of-the-art boat dedicated in the honor of fallen police officer Marc Dinardo was acquired by the Jersey City Office of Emergency Management/Homeland Security and will be operated by the Jersey City Police Special Operations Division. It will patrol the same Hudson River waters where US Airways Flight 1549 made a successful water landing in January of this year as well as the tragic plane/helicopter collision that occurred more recently this summer. The Mutualink interoperable communications system was successfully used during the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ between the Jersey City OEM and the UMDNJ Emergency Medical Center in Newark for notification and coordination.

Mutualink CEO Mark Hatten credits the success of the project to Jersey City’s progressive leadership and commitment in the area of homeland security and emergency preparedness. "Jersey City has been at the forefront of interoperable emergency communications and from the beginning it has been a guiding force in helping us shape a solution that meets the rigors and needs of responders and personnel in real situations. The maritime interoperable communications deployment directly results from Jersey City’s vision of enabling unified communications capabilities across all environments," stated Hatten. Previous projects with Jersey City included the installation of Mutualink into their mobile command vehicle, the first to operate over a wireless data connection, as well as into their Emergency Operations Center. Hatten added, "When Jersey City came to us with the idea of doing a marine deployment, we saw it as a great opportunity for both sides to work together and make it a reality." Mutualink developed a hardened interoperable work station that can be used not only in harsh maritime environments experienced by tactical and response boats, but also in other severe land based environments.


The successful deployment into a marine environment required Mutualink to engineer a new piece of hardware capable of operating in extreme environmental conditions. A new Interoperability Work Station (IWS) was developed within an IP67 rated water proof enclosure requiring no outside ventilation for cooling and flash drive technology was incorporated to handle the excessive vibrations and pounding a boat typically experiences on the water at high speeds. A Furuno 17" LCD screen displays the Mutualink software and video while communication audio is capable of coming over an amplified speaker system or a privacy handset. Data connectivity is accomplished using a Firetide™ wireless mesh network with antennas directed out over the water carrying the encrypted data back to land where it then rides Jersey City’s fiber network. Mutualink can also operate in a mobile environment over satellite and cellular data networks.

Sgt. Greg Kierce, Director of Jersey City Office of Emergency Management adds, "What impresses us most about the Mutualink network is that it not only improves Jersey City’s ability to react and respond internally but also our ability to interoperate with any other agency on the network including many of our neighbors and critical assets in the private sector. This is all accomplished using the same communications infrastructure we already have in place." Newark, Paramus, Trenton, and Atlantic City are just some of the New Jersey cities already using the Mutualink system along with twenty two area hospitals in northern New Jersey which can now interoperate via dispatcher, radio, video and text messaging. Additional Mutualink system deployments are also in the process of being installed in the region.


About Mutualink, Inc.

Mutualink is an IP based multimedia interoperable communications company that enables radio, telephone, video, and data to be shared on a real time, dynamic incident basis. Mutualink has gained rapid acceptance because of its ease of use, ease of deployment, low cost, and full featured capabilities. Mutualink enables communities to create large scale, real time interoperable emergency communication networks at a reasonable cost while getting best of breed features and capabilities.


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