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Town Unveils New Emergency Operations Center

Huntington, NY – Huntington Supervisor Frank P. Petrone and the members of the Town Council today unveiled the Town's new Emergency Operations Center, a state-of-the art nerve center that will help the Town coordinate responses to natural and other disasters.

Mutualink Interview from the Huntington Emergency Operations Center opening.

"One of the unfortunate lessons of Nine-Eleven was the need to ensure that all responders be able to communicate with each other," Supervisor Petrone said." With this new center, the Town will be able to coordinate and speed responses to whatever emergency that may occur so we will effectively safeguard our residents' welfare."

Three years in the making, the 2,000-square-foot facility, in the Town's general services maintenance building on Pulaski Road, replaces the existing, outdated center on Boxer Court. Larger than the previous facility, it includes offices, a meeting room, a kitchen and sleeping facilities for workers who may need to be on 24-hour duty during a prolonged emergency.

A key feature of the center's operations is the Mutualink interoperable emergency communications system, which allows responders such as police, firefighters, emergency medical system personnel and Town agencies to communicate with one another, even though their primary communications systems operate on different networks. The system also lets the Town access video surveillance cameras throughout the Town, allowing real-time views and damage assessments.

In addition to Mutualink, the communication system includes fire band radios, county-issued satellite phones, a cell phone link to the radio system and trunk scanners to monitor all frequencies used by emergency agencies. The Center also includes work stations with Internet access and large-screen monitors.

In an emergency, the Center will be staffed by representatives from the Town Fire Marshal's office and key Town Departments, as well as local fire departments. The facility will also be used to train emergency personnel and for various workshops and meetings.

Equipment for the Center was purchased at no cost to taxpayers, using revenue from parking violation fines.

Huntington is the first municipality in New York State to install the Mutualink system, whose interoperative capabilities were utilized by Washington, D.C., law enforcement agencies to assist with security for the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

"On behalf of the Fire and EMS volunteers serving the residents of the Town of Huntington, I thank Supervisor Petrone, the Council members and the members of the Emergency Preparedness Planning Committee for all their efforts to bring this facility to fruition," said Larry Cavanagh, president of the Town of Huntington Fire Chiefs Council. "This facility will bring multiple platforms of communication between fire, EMS and the Town agencies during emergency incidents, whether natural or man-made. With the utilization of the Mutualink, all Town volunteer and governmental agencies will be capable of responding and mitigating incidents through a coordinated, seamless effort."

Colin McWay, President of Mutualink, said, "Huntington's implementation of an advanced multimedia interoperable communications capability demonstrates the kind of key leadership that is required to improve community safety. Our Nation's emergency preparedness and response policy is to establish a functional emergency response capability based on collaborative and scalable multi-hazard and multi-discipline framework. By bringing together all key community assets within a real time, seamless communications environment force multiplication, enhanced situational awareness, and better coordination is achieved and it can save lives during a crisis. Mutualink offers paradigm shifting affordability which enables communities to establish comprehensive community-wide emergency preparedness networks that link all critical assets together, including police, fire, schools and hospitals, using existing communications equipment. Our solution is "shovel ready" and our shovels don't break budgets."

About Mutualink, Inc.

Wallingford, CT based Mutualink redefines interoperability by creating networks of interoperable communities that are instantly capable of sharing radio, voice, text, video, data files and telephone communications in a secure environment. The combination of affordability, invitation based control and the simplicity of use changes the way entire communities across the country communicate. Public safety communication and preparedness is evolving into an environment where all critical organizations within communities, as well as among and between communities, are now interacting with one another in seamless ways that are separate and apart from how the general public communicates with the critical organizations during day to day operations and in times of crisis. Additionally, Mutualink’s pragmatic and affordable approach makes interoperable communications accessible to all high-value community assets such as schools and hospitals and places of massed gathering, creating completely interoperable communities.

Mutualink was selected as one of 2007’s Hot Products by Public Safety Communications Magazine.

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