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White House Veteran & Homeland Security Expert Joins Mutualink

Washington, DC Mutualink announced that 20 year homeland security expert and former White House veteran, Robert Housman, joined Mutualink as a senior business and public affairs advisor.  Housman and his firm, Book Hill Partners, a leading government affairs firm in the homeland security arena, will be providing government relations, business strategy and business development guidance to assist the company in promoting the nationwide adoption of its novel and affordable interoperable multimedia communications sharing solution for emergency preparedness and response.  Along with an impressive public service career in a variety of senior government positions, including Assistant Director for Strategic Planning in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and member of the White House Olympic Task Force, Mr. Housman is a widely recognized authority in the counter terrorism and homeland security arena.

Mutualink’s interoperable emergency communications solution enables participants to seamlessly share communication resources with each other on an emergency incident basis providing enhanced situational awareness and a more effective emergency response environment envisioned by the National Incident Management System (NIMS), National Response Framework (NRF) and the National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP).  The system is designed with a novel distributed peer architecture which employees a intelligent "plug and play" capability that allows existing two-way radio, telephone, voice, video and data to be instantly linked together in a secure, real-time environment.  Most significantly, the system’s affordability enables the kind of broad participation among public safety entities as well as critical infrastructure and key resources within communities envisioned by the National Emergency Policy.

According to Housman, joining Mutualink is a very exciting undertaking because of its tremendous potential.  "I am well versed with the interoperable communications products in the market and when I saw Mutualink’s interoperability solution it was immediately obvious that it was in an entirely different class.   Mutualink’s interoperability solution is brilliant technology with an equal part of ingeniously applied insight that resolves many of the fundamental issues hampering the widespread adoption of interoperability in communities across the country.  They smartly resolved multi-jurisdictional resource control issues, created a game-changing cost structure, and have encapsulated a highly sophisticated and feature rich solution into a remarkably simple and intuitive user environment," said Housman.  "Simply put, Mutualink offers an extremely user-friendly, easily deployable and very cost-effective solution to the interoperability problems that continue to plague the nation at the Federal, State and local levels—the frontlines of emergency management, counter-terrorism and homeland security," Housman added.

Housman further expressed that Mutualink is ready to take the lead in solving the Nation’s interoperability challenges.  "Mutualink has already achieved significant in-roads in several jurisdictions in a very short period of time.  The product is a tested and deployed product which has reliably performed in the most important mission critical situations.  It has an industry leading cost structure and is correctly positioned to enable broad participation that extends beyond public safety agencies to include key community assets as envisioned by national policy.  Particularly in today’s challenging environment, Mutualink is all the more compelling with an incredible low cost, high value proposition.  Government leaders should remember that emergencies don’t go away just because budgets are tight.  Interoperable communications remains a critical priority in enhancing overall emergency preparedness and response capabilities just as it has been for the last eight years since we all learned firsthand how deficiencies in our emergency communications systems can adversely impact our safety and security."

Mark Hatten, CEO of Mutualink, expressed his enthusiasm about Housman joining the Mutualink team.  "Rob Housman adds even more depth and strength to our all star team.  We are on a mission to make Mutualink the interoperable communications solution of choice for communities across the nation.  Our nation’s policy of collaborative and scalable multi-hazard and multi-discipline emergency response capabilities as envisioned under the NRF, NIMS, NECP, NIPP and other key components of our national emergency preparedness and response structure can be realized today.  Mutualink is "shovel ready" and our shovels don’t break budgets like other significantly more expensive and frankly less effective products that have been implemented with limited or marginal success.  Having an expert of Mr. Housman’s stature roll up his sleeves and pitch in is incredibly gratifying," said Hatten.  We expect more great things to be happening in this year and Mutualink is positioned for enormous success.

About Mutualink, Inc.

Wallingford, CT based Mutualink redefines interoperability by creating networks of interoperable communities that are instantly capable of sharing radio, voice, text, video, data files and telephone communications in a secure environment. The combination of affordability, invitation based control and the simplicity of use changes the way entire communities across the country communicate. Public safety communication and preparedness is evolving into an environment where all critical organizations within communities, as well as among and between communities, are now interacting with one another in seamless ways that are separate and apart from how the general public communicates with the critical organizations during day to day operations and in times of crisis. Additionally, Mutualink’s pragmatic and affordable approach makes interoperable communications accessible to all high-value community assets such as schools and hospitals and places of massed gathering, creating completely interoperable communities.

Mutualink was selected as one of 2007’s Hot Products by Public Safety Communications Magazine.

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