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Hartford, CT. Launches Mutualink Interoperable Emergency Communications Network

Hartford, CT – The City of Hartford, CT. is launching a new community-wide emergency communication preparedness network using an advanced peer-to-peer multi-media communications solution from Mutualink, Inc.  The new network will enable Hartford police, schools, and hospitals to seamlessly communicate with each other in times of emergency.  Among the emergency communication platform’s capabilities, schools can share live video feeds with public safety agencies.  The first critical assets to join the network include:  The Hartford Police Department, Saint Francis Hospital, Trinity College and Sonitrol of Hartford - a regional security and communications provider.

With the new interoperable emergency communications network, participants will be able to seamlessly share communication resources with each other on an emergency incident basis to provide enhanced situational awareness and more effective emergency response.  The network will allow two-way radio, telephone, voice, video and data to be instantly linked together in a secure, real-time environment.

Hartford’s Chief of Police, Daryl K. Roberts, stated, "We believe this new technology will allow the Hartford Police Department and other public safety entities to better serve our community without jeopardizing internal security. It provides a means of real-time direct communication during a critical incident between a community agency such as a school, hospital, or utility and the responding public safety entity.  By improving the relay of information between the public and private agencies, the Hartford Police Department will be better equipped to respond to a critical incident and public safety will be enhanced."

According to Mark Hatten, CEO of Mutualink, "Mutualink is a shovel ready, easy to deploy system that will support a wide range of advanced emergency interoperable communications needs. Our system is designed for plug and play installation and enables radio, telephone, camera systems and data to be shared on a real-time, dynamic incident basis.  Contrary to the prevailing perception created by a few large legacy communications providers with a vested interest in pushing massively expensive infrastructure projects, the plain reality is that advanced multi-media based interoperable emergency communications can be implemented on a community-wide level at very low cost."

Most recently, Mutualink successfully linked together five law enforcement agencies at President Obama’s inauguration, including the Department of Defense Force Protection Agency, the U.S. Park Police, the Washington, D.C. transit police agencies, the Washington Metro Police and the New Jersey Transit Police.    According to Mark Hatten, “a mission critical event like the Presidential Inauguration is proof positive that low cost can and does mean secure and reliable state of the art solutions are not only possible, but preferred in today’s budget constrained environments. We applaud the City of Hartford for having the vision to recognize the value of a comprehensive interoperable emergency communications platform and choosing to embrace the future.”

According to the company, Mutualink is scalable and designed to enable communities to seamlessly link together as well. "Our solution could be implemented across Connecticut for a shockingly low cost, and it would allow every school, hospital, police and fire agency to communicate together in a powerful way. Instead of hundreds of millions of dollars, we are talking about a few million dollars for the entire state.  In New Jersey, Mutualink is seeing rapid adoption and we have agencies in places like Paramus, Newark, Jersey City, Trenton and Atlantic City talking together", said Hatten.

Hartford joins other Connecticut communities including Cromwell, Rocky Hill, Berlin and the City of Stamford using a Mutualink powered interoperable emergency communications network. The launch of the Hartford preparedness network is an implementation of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Response Framework, which calls for comprehensive and coordinated emergency preparedness and response capability among local first responder agencies and critical community assets based upon an effective, interoperable emergency communications environment.

About Mutualink, Inc.

Wallingford, CT based Mutualink redefines interoperability by creating networks of interoperable communities that are instantly capable of sharing radio, voice, text, video, data files and telephone communications in a secure environment. The combination of affordability, invitation based control and the simplicity of use changes the way entire communities across the country communicate. Public safety communication and preparedness is evolving into an environment where all critical organizations within communities, as well as among and between communities, are now interacting with one another in seamless ways that are separate and apart from how the general public communicates with the critical organizations during day to day operations and in times of crisis. Additionally, Mutualink’s pragmatic and affordable approach makes interoperable communications accessible to all high-value community assets such as schools and hospitals and places of massed gathering, creating completely interoperable communities.

Mutualink was selected as one of 2007’s Hot Products by Public Safety Communications Magazine.

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