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Mayor Malloy introduces Stamford's All City Communications System

Radio system to support Stamford's Emergency Preparedness Plan

By Mayor's office

Stamford, Connecticut June 26, 2008 - Mayor Dannel P. Malloy announced today the introduction of the City's new radio communications system. Stamford's All City Communications System (SACCOM) is an advanced 10 channel digital radio system that allows for the communication of pertinent information among first responders and City officials in the event of an emergency.

The new system was designed based on the best technology solutions to address the needs stated in an extensive conceptual design plan that had user feedback as a strong component in its development. It will allow information to be shared quickly and efficiently with advanced back-up systems, providing constant communication in the event of a natural or man made disaster. First responders and officials from the state as well as other cities and towns across the state can contact each other using this system, enabling effective collaborations of mutual aid entities.

"With Stamford's All City Communication System, the City is able to ensure that its first responders remain as safe as possible while they do their job protecting citizens," said Mayor Malloy. "SACCOM is a state of the art way to provide necessary communication now and well into the future."

The new radio system will be used in conjunction with Connect-CTY Emergency Preparedness and Communication system, Send Word Now, and Mutualink to provide Stamford residents, first responders, and city officials with the most up to date information and instruction in the event of an emergency.

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