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08/06/2007 - 09:36 AM

Mutualink Unveils Novel IP Emergency Interoperability Solution
APCO Conference
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WALLINGFORD, Conn. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) --Mutualink, a Connecticut based technology company specializing in advanced interoperable communication technologies, publicly unveiled a novel internet protocol (IP) based emergency communications interoperability solution at the 73rd Annual APCO Conference and Exposition, which is being held at the Baltimore Convention Center. Mutualink’s new solution resolves major issues that have hampered widespread adoption of interoperable public safety communications. The solution offers an industry-first low cost subscription service model. Additionally, the solution solves local resource management and control issues through its unique peer to peer (P2P) initiation and acceptance model, and offers the industry’s most intuitive, easy to use graphical user interface, reducing training time to minutes and increasing ease of use.

Mutualink’s groundbreaking solution employs an advanced peer-to-peer (P2P) secure internet protocol (IP) framework which enables plug and play network interoperability with no single point of failure. This powerful framework extends interoperable communications to first responders, public safety dispatchers, and a broad range of other key community assets, including schools, malls, utilities and public transportation.

Mutualink’s solution redefines interoperability by creating dynamic and real time user invitation defined network communities that are, at an instant, capable of sharing voice, text, radio, video, data and telephone communications in a secure environment.

According to Peter Karoczkai, Mutualink’s Chief Executive Officer, Mutualink’s approach solves key issues with interoperability and creates an affordable path for broader community participation. “It is well known that communities require the ability maintain control over their communication assets. Current offerings are static pre-defined topologies and require participants to give up control. Also, these offerings suffer from being cost prohibitive, requiring significant technical expertise to operate and maintain, and failing to provide the flexibility necessary to enable networks to be dynamically shaped to be meet the unique requirements of each incident. All of these conditions have impeded the effective adoption and participation of community-wide and community-to-community interoperable networks. We’ve solved these problems.”

According to Karoczkai, Mutualink has been selectively showing the system to public safety experts and “all of the feedback is that we’ve got something really special on our hands.”

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