Pacific Star Communications, Inc. (PacStar) is a leading provider of advanced and mission-critical field Information Technology and Communications solutions for a wide range of military, public safety, and commercial applications. The solutions are field deployable, mobile, hardened, secure, and inter-operable. PacStar solutions are based on Commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) products from leading companies like Cisco, Dell, and Aruba.


Battlefield-proven and ruggedized systems:  Portable, lightweight, compact, and mission-critical systems that are easily stored, moved, and used in the harshest of environments

A wide array of use cases: From field military operations, to critical emergency and safety, to upstream oil & gas or mining, and to country wide transportation network operations


Highly flexible, expandable, and customizable configurations: Can meet any agency needs for specific communications capabilities

Easy setup and operation: Utilizing our patented software solution, even by minimally trained personnel

Ready Pre-integrated and Tested Solutions


·        Edge Computing & Modular Data Centers (MDC)

·        LAN, WAN, Computing, & Virtualization

·        Voice, UC, & Video Integration

·        Cyber security / Network Security

·        Tactical Encryption Solutions,

·        Tactical Network Access, Networking on the Move

·        Mobile & Network Communications

PacStar Partners

Our solutions are based on ruggedized COTS-based ICT systems from leading product manufacturers like:


Testing and Certification


System tests are conducted at independent, accredited test labs that carry certifications from: Defense Logistics Association Certification, American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), and International Safe Transit Association Certification (ISTA).

Industry Recognition



For Canadian enterprises and government agencies, contact our team for your critical IT and Communication needs and lets discuss your requirements.